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    What is a virtual assistant (VA)?

    A virtual assistant works with you just like a personal assistant or secretary, but remotely. In an entrepreneur’s view, hiring a virtual assistant is a lot more cost effective and flexible than hiring an in-person employee.

    What kind of jobs will I handle as a virtual assistant?

    VA’s may receive any tasks that can be carried out remotely over an internet connection. Most entrepreneurs are looking for someone to manage day-to-day administrative tasks and customer relationship management.

    This could include answering general enquiry emails, calendar management and meeting scheduling, research, bookkeeping, social media management and more.


    Depending on your previous work experiences, you may also be a VA with specific specialised skills such as WordPress or bookkeeping.

    How do I join?

    To get started just sign-up here. You’ll receive instructions via email regarding next steps.

    After signing up what will happen?

    Once you are done completing the survey-application form, our team will start processing your information for profiling and matching. This process should take up to five days, depending on the urgency of job opportunities.


    Please note that only completed information shall be eligible for processing.

    How many hours will I render in virtual assistant work?

    Working hours and overtime is agreed upon directly with your entrepreneur client. Your entrepreneur is already specific on the number of work hours she requires for her business, even before the job placement takes place.


    Also the entrepreneur can offer days off based on your local public holidays or align with your local public holidays, as long as both of you are clear about the operational requirements of her business.

    Will I be assigned to do inbound and outbound calls?

    This depends entirely on if you meet the technical requirements for voiced roles. Connected Women team will also ask for your suitability in such a role - if you have the required setup, soft skills and environment to allow this.


    For inbound calls, you have to be ready and able to dedicate your work hours. This role is not frequently needed and often managed on a case-to-case basis.

    Who do I work with directly?

    Initial application processing is done by the Connected Women team. After you are successfully matched, you shall be working directly with your entrepreneur client.


    Our entrepreneurs are already prepped in getting your onboarded with the best practices for hiring, training and managing your working relationship.

    How much will my salary be?

    Your salary will depend on the role you are applying for, the level of expertise you have, plus any bonuses that your entrepreneur stipulates on your job contract.

    How do I get paid?

    Typically PayPal is the simplest and safest way to get paid. We can also advise on other options for recommended modes of payment for receiving your salary.


    The final agreement on payment methods and terms is agreed directly between you and your entrepreneur.

    How will Connected Women help me find work?

    After completing the survey application and sign-up we will match you to a suitable entrepreneur client based on your work experience. Once you get shortlisted,we arrange a meeting interview between you and your prospective client.

    Our meaningful matching algorithm is based on more than just skills and and experience, we profile applicants based on personality, task preference, values, ambition and drive. We also take into account any training needs.

    How long will it take to for me to get hired?

    It depends on job opportunities available, but we will aim to set up an interview with a shortlisted VA within 2-5 business days of completing the sign-up process (application, consultation and payment).
    If the job openings available require specific skills such as high level editorial, marketing, accounting and finance, design, development or specialised software, it might take a little longer for your to get a suitable job match.

    What tools do I need for work?

    You only need a few free online tools to work effectively as a VA. We provide a list of free tools as well as instructions for you to get set-up during the onboarding process.

    What if I encounter issues with my entrepreneur client?

    As much as possible, we encourage both parties to be open with addressing issues. But in cases that work-related issues are difficult to solve by the two of you alone, you may contact us for advice or help.

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